Hey there, I’m Raphael and this is my personal website.

I’m a Software Engineer based in Switzerland near the beautiful City of Lucerne. I focus on Frontend Development with Angular, but I’m also interested in other modern JavaScript Frameworks like React and Svelte. When not working on any Frontend Project I tend to utilize the .NET Platform as well as the Azure Cloud. I’m also very interested in topics like DevOps, Automation and Containerization. And I’m always keen to play around with new tech, languages and tools.

When not writing code, I’m playing a wide range of video games from genres like RPG, Strategy, Racing and Platformer. I also like to play several board games or card games like Magic the Gathering, and of course drinking a beer while playing them with friends.


If you’d like to get in touch with me, use one of the following channels:

Connect with me on LinkedIn to stay up-to-date with frontend development and other professional topics.
Follow me on GitHub if you are interested in open source software that shapes me or that I contribute to.
Follow me on Instagram if you are more into the visual stuff.
Twitter / Mastodon
I don’t use Twitter anymore. You can find me on my own Mastodon instance instead.
Join me on Untappd to (virtually) drink a cold beer together or simply to discover my taste.
PlayStation / PSN Profiles
Add me as a friend on your PlayStation so we can hunt some of those platinum trophies together.
Use the friend code SW-5792-0329-7696 to add me as a friend on your Nintendo Switch so we can play games like Animal Crossing or Mario Kart.
Pokemon Go
Use the trainer code 7763 8610 1248 to add me as a friend in Pokemon Go so we can catch ‘em all together.
Add me as a friend on Trakt if you feel the urge to know which tv show I am currently watching or how much time I spent watching Marvel movies during the last decade.
Follow me on Last.fm if you are more interested in my audible media consumption.
Use the battle tag raeffs#2648 to add me as a friend in Battle.net if you want to meet in the World of Warcraft.
Use the friend code 112829282 to add me as a friend in Steam in case you want to play a game that you bought in one of the plenty Steam sales but you hardly ever play.
Add me as a friend on Facebook, but don’t expect me to actively use it.
Xbox / Exophase
I don’t own an Xbox, my apologies. But I guess you can still link my account to be one of the firsts to know once I do so.